The £3 French Beauty Product Sold Every Second in the UK…

The £3 French Beauty Product Sold Every Second in the UK...

When we heard that one particular French cult skincare product is sold every second in the UK. We instantly wanted to know what it was.

The product in question? Avène’s Eau Thermale water spray – which, at less than £3. Has the bonus of being budget-friendly too. The mineral-rich mist is enriched with zinc and can be used for just about anything. But is well-known for its soothing and anti-irritant properties.

It’s perfect for those with sensitive, hypersensitive or allergy-prone skin, but can also be used to soothe various forms of irritation – from sunburn to shaving rash. It’s also good for comforting and refreshing skin after exercise, removing make-up and long-distance travel, to leave skin feeling cool, calm and free from redness. The wonder-product can even be sprayed over hair to calm frizz.

And it couldn’t be easier to use

Avène recommends that you simply “spray a fine mist over the skin after cleansing. Wait for 20 to 30 seconds, and then pat dry with a cotton pad.” Available in handy 50ml sizes, as well as larger 150ml and 300ml bottles, it’s is perfect for on-the-go spritzing as well as a permanent dressing table must-have.

I was originally skeptical of how much of a difference thermal water could make to my routine. I have been pleasantly surprised and this product has now become a daily staple. This is great on my beauty blender before applying foundation, I mist my face during the day to stop my makeup caking, I use it on makeup free days to keep my skin hydrated and spray liberally all over my face and body on hot sticky days. It is light and fragrance free. I have this product in several sizes for my bag and for home.

Since switching to this spray to avoid using tap water to wash my face, I have noticed a marked reduction in sensitivity on my reactive skin. My dermatologist recommended the Avene range and my skin has gradually been improving ever since. Highly recommend to anyone who is in need of a simple and soothing skincare routine.

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