9 Things You Should Know Before Marrying a Girl Who Loves Disney

9 Things You Should Know Before Marrying a Girl Who Loves Disney

We may never be truly content with a holiday that doesn’t involve a trip to a Disney Park. Don’t get us wrong, we love exploring new places. But if those places just so happen to be within an hour’s drive of Disney then that would be ace.

We will relate your behaviours, appearance and personality traits to Disney characters.

We’re going to break into song. All. Of. The. Time. We’re having people over? We’ll be setting the table and singing “Be Our Guest.” We’re feeling lonely? “Part of Your World.” Heading to work? “Heigh Ho.” I could literally go on, but I’ll spare you.

‘Magical’ is our favourite adjective Sometimes we will say that our date last night was magical. It means ‘good’, but also so much more.

We will absolutely try to persuade you that Disney princess décor is something we need in our home.

If a food item can be shaped like Mickey Mouse, IT WILL BE SHAPED LIKE MICKEY MOUSE.

We’ve tried brushing our hair with a fork (or should I say, dinglehopper). It doesn’t work well, just fyi.

If someone says Disney is for children we will expect your full support as we hastily correct them. They are usually people who haven’t ever experienced the magic of a Disney Park and like to see adults doing adult things.

No matter how unsexy the meal can actually be, we will always consider spaghetti and meatballs to be the most romantic food of all time, and would be thrilled to see it on an anniversary dinner menu.

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