How To Use Caffeine In Your Beauty Regime

How To Use Caffeine In Your Beauty Regime

To Treat Cellulite

As caffeine is a diuretic, creams and serums containing the ingredient can temporarily minimise the visibility of cellulite by dehydrating the fat cells. This, in turn, shrinks their size, resulting in a tightening effect. Nip + Fab’s Cellulite Body Fix, £18.50, has caffeine as the main ingredient, and is fab if you’re looking for a quick cellulite fix.

To Exfoliate

Unlike many body exfoliators, coffee, in its freshly roasted and ground form, is a natural and effective way to buff away dead cells and encourage rejuvenation. With a coarser grind than most gel or sugar scrubs, arm yourself with a coffee scrub to exfoliate dry and flaky skin in the shower or bath. We love Frank Body’s cult Coffee Scrub, £12.95. It’s packed with sweet almond oil and vitamin E, and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth.

Hair Growth

Coffee’s antioxidant properties also extend to hair. With masks and serums using the ingredient to prevent breakage, enhance shine and boost growth. It can also be used to prevent hair shedding, an issue that affects many women during pregnancy and the menopause. Try swapping your usual conditioner for Stemm’s Black Fulvic Conditioner, £28, to see if you can see the difference.

For Tired Eyes

Eye creams with caffeine help to reduce under-eye puffiness. By restricting blood flow to the area and thus reducing swelling. We love Clinique’s Pep-Start Eye Cream, £22, because it uses the ingredient to banish excess fluid for a bright-eyed look.

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