Things Pet Owners Should Look for in a New Car

Things Pet Owners Should Look for in a New Car

If you’re a pet owner, it’s essential that you also own a vehicle that can accommodate them. They’re often relatively easy to come across, and companies are always on hand to provide great cars for pets, as well as for any other need you may have.

Still, most people might assume that it’s only dogs that need to be transported around, whether they’re going to and from walks or joining in on family holidays. However, every pet will need to undertake a trip or two at some point for things like vets appointments and so on.

Consequently, here are the things pet owners should look for in a new car.

Boot Space

While it might be tempting to have pets in the laps of those in the backseat, it’s not always advisable, especially on long trips. If you have kids, they may even love to have their dogs, cats or rabbits cuddling them on the way to wherever. That said, if you’re entering hour two of a long journey, both person and animal will start getting uncomfortable and agitated.

Obvious but underestimated, boot space is a huge factor in securing safe trips out with your pets. They should never be crammed in as an afterthought but have their own space that can accommodate both themselves and their goodies; bowls for food and water, poo bags, accessories to play with and enjoy, leads for walks, collars, medicine and injections if they have conditions like diabetes, etc. Of course, it all needs to fit in comfortably and tidily.

Window Switches to Hand and Child locks

These two can be blended together for the same reason; denying your pet the ability to escape. When you’re driving, your attention needs to be entirely devoted to the road and nothing else. However, suppose you have a pet that’s rigorously trying to escape, and worse yet, succeeding to exit the vehicle while on a road, a recipe for disaster is brewing. Even something as simple as your dog sticking its head out the window can spell danger.

Consequently, you need to ensure that you can control all the windows from the driver’s position. Child locks would also be helpful too, so no accidental doors are swinging open quickly. With these safety features secured, you’ll always be in for a happier and safer trip with your pets.

Quality Temperature Control

Air conditioning units will be critical on those long trips with your pets. Of course, some are better than others. If you can, purchase a vehicle that comes with many different vents and fully customisable controls. The more recent the technology, the more powerful those blasts of cool air will be.

Obviously, dogs die in hot cars needlessly, so go the extra mile for your pets in your vehicle choice. If you ensure they’re always cool, you’ll also be making sure that they’re happy, comfortable and safe. These are your responsibilities as a pet owner in general, and they should always be met and never be neglected, even on a twenty-minute car trip!

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