Sugar-Free Gum as a Cheap, Readily Available Dietary Aid

Sugar-Free Gum as a Cheap, Readily Available Dietary Aid

Today I’m going to talk to you about sugar-free chewing gum. I know it seems like a bizarre topic, but it’s actually a question that I get a lot. And that is, does chewing gum help with weight loss?

So we are going to talk all about chewing gum, whether or not it’s beneficial in weight loss or if that’s just a myth. And exactly what chewing gum does to your body.

Let’s jump in. So the fact is, lots of people believe that chewing gum is effective for weight loss. There are many things thrown out there in regards to chewing gum.

Mindless eating

Number one is by chewing gum, it keeps you from mindlessly eating. It’s keeping your mouth busy and occupied. Not to mention, if it’s a minty gum, it puts that taste in your mouth that other food just doesn’t complement. So that’s one thing that’s kind of out there in the world about chewing gum.

A couple of other things are that people swear that it keeps their cravings away. Again because it’s keeping their mouth occupied. And there are even theories out there that chewing gum can help tone up your face muscles.

So there are definitely some studies out there that show that chewing gum may help with weight loss. The truth is, the action of chewing gum may stop mindless eating and it could stop cravings because again, you’re keeping your mouth busy and occupied.

You’re delivering some flavour to your taste buds and it’s usually sugar-free too. In fact, one 2018 study showed that by chewing gum after a ten-hour fast, it reduced cravings just as much as having a calorie-dense or calorie-rich beverage. Another 2015 study had participants chew gum 30 minutes after a meal, and within 5 minutes, they stated that they felt fuller and more satisfied.

Furthermore, in this 2015 study they found that chewing sugar-free gum may stimulate the release of specific gut hormones that reduce hunger/food intake.

Consume fewer calories in a day

People also believe that chewing gum in an overall state helps you consume fewer calories in a day because again, your mouth is occupied. There’s flavour in your taste buds from the chewing gum, so, therefore, you’re less likely to snack on unhealthy foods.

In one 2015 study, participants were asked to chew gum before and after breakfast, and those participants burned up to 5% more calories. One 2007 study also found that chewing gum reduced snack calorie intake by 8%.

So although these findings seem awesome: It helps with weight loss, it helps with cravings. Just be mindful that you’re not going to lose weight just by chewing gum because you simply won’t be saving enough calories.

The calories that you’re saving by chewing gum are indeed small. But there is evidence out there that shows that chewing gum does save on calories. And as we know, calories in, calories out is how we not only lose weight but also maintain our weight.

Now let’s talk about the toning up your face theory. Unfortunately, There is zero validity in the rumour that chewing gum helps to tone your face. Sorry, I know that we all want a more youthful, toned look to our faces. Unfortunately, there is currently nothing proving that chewing gum will aid in that process.

So the bottom line is chewing gum may aid in weight loss

This is because it reduces the number of calories that you’re eating. You can use it as a zero-calorie or low-calorie substitution between meals rather than snacking. Therefore, you are ingesting fewer calories. Also chewing gum could help your body digest your food a little bit more efficiently, therefore burning some extra calories too. However, you’re not going to lose weight just from chewing gum. So if you choose to chew gum, do it because you like it.

This is an area backed up by scientific research. There are definitely some interesting discussions to be had surrounding the simplicity of chewing sugar-free gum. Especially when compared to the complex dietary tips and tricks we’re often bombarded with daily.

I hope you enjoyed today’s article and got a few of your questions on chewing gum answered. Just remember, my friends, that the only way to lose weight is calories in, calories out. That’s it. It’s all about calories, how many calories you’re consuming versus how many calories you’re burning.

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