Small But Effective Ways To Save Money In 2018

Small But Effective Ways To Save Money In 2018

Small But Effective Ways To Save Money In 2018

Stop Buying For The Sake Of It

If you really want to make some savings in your life, it’s worth asking yourself if you’re just buying something for the sake of it. Will it change your life? Do you need it to make you happy? Would you rather have £20 in your pocket? The more you answer those questions with ‘No’, the easier it will be to save in all aspects of your life.

Eat Breakfast & Take Lunch

It’s so easy to get into the habit of buying food on the go, especially when you’re hungry – which is why eating a breakfast that keeps you full until lunchtime and preparing your second meal is so important.

Cancel Memberships

Use the new year as an excuse to look over your existing memberships and see what you could probably do without. Subscription boxes, delivery services you don’t use anymore – even if it means paying more expensive non-members prices when you do want to use them, it’ll probably still be less than a membership fee.

Delete Your Card Details From Online Accounts

By doing this and manually having to type your details in every single time you want to buy something online, you will consider whether you actually need to buy it – or whether you’re impulse buying. Get into the habit of leaving things in your basket to considering whether or not you actually need them.

Stop Using Contact-Less Cards

We would all consider the purchases we’re making if they were made with physical cash rather than a contact-less card. Try to take money out at the beginning of the week and keep track of what you’re spending, rather than just tapping your card at the checkout and being oblivious.

Take Unwanted Things Back

Whether it’s a pair of socks, or a sweater that’s two sizes too small. We’re all guilty of saying we’ll “do it tomorrow” and eventually being missing the returns period, but you’ll seriously regret not having that money when you’re left with items you didn’t want in the first place.

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