Sizzling Science Fun for Summer with Dr Michelle Dickinson

Sizzling Science Fun for Summer with Dr Michelle Dickinson

World renowned nano scientist Dr Michelle Dickinson, combines science and cooking in a fabulous new book that will ensure hours of entertainment for the kids to share with parents, grandparents , friend, siblings – actually anyone who wants to have fun!

The Kitchen Science Cookbook is a beautiful, lovingly crafted “recipe” book with a unique twist – each recipe is a science experiment that you can do at home with your family, using the everyday ingredients you’ll find in your kitchen. No need to be a science expert – if you can follow a recipe you can help your children do these amazing experiments.

Each of the 50 “recipes” contains a simple introduction explaining what the experiment is about. Icons identifying important details such as if the “recipe” is edible, if it requires time to ‘set’ or if there are safety issues that the reader needs to be aware of.

Readers learn all about the important scientific principles behind each recipe:

Solar energy by creating their very own solar ‘cookie’ oven using a pizza box, aluminium foil and lots of sunshine.

Surface tension by making bubbles that bounce instead of popping!

Electro-statics by creating a magic levitating ring.

Surfactants by making a soap powered boat that whizzes across water.

Viscosity by mixing up scrumptious edible slime that flows like a liquid but can be rolled like a solid.

Michelle has made the process of the science just as exciting as the results. So the whole process is fun from start to finish. The ‘Science Behind’ section in each experiment is to help explain the results of the recipe. And the ‘Explore Further’ section helps the reader to think about how the experiment works and suggests other tasks and challenges to see how changing the variables can change the outcome.

About The Author

Dr Michelle Dickinson (MNZM) – nanotechnologist, researcher and educator. Has made it her life mission to make science and engineering accessible for all. UK-born, Michelle now calls New Zealand home and is well known for her science communication work there. A member of the New Zealand Order of Merit. Michelle was winner of the Women of Influence award for science and innovation in 2016. Became a Sir Peter Blake Leader in 2015. And was winner of the Prime Ministers Science Media Communication Prize and the New Zealand Association of Scientists Science Communicators Award in 2014.

Michelle is a founder of Nanogirl Labs Ltd. A social enterprise that works to inspire, educate and empower through STEM. Ensuring that science education is available to all. Find out more at

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