Should You Install Resin Flooring in Your Home?

Should You Install Resin Flooring in Your Home?

Should you install resin flooring in your home? Let’s start with the basics!

Garages / Storage Spaces

Obviously garages and storage spaces. That’s definitely a “yes”. You can put resin flooring in the UK in garages and storage spaces. In fact, a resin floor coating is probably the best thing you can put in a garage because it keeps the concrete clean.

You basically don’t have any oil spills, you can clean them up, you don’t have to get any tyre marks because you can clean them easily.

Same with storage spaces. It’s great just to store your stuff without them getting dusty and getting musty. It’s really a brilliant solution.

If we’re talking about storage spaces or garages in the house, resin flooring also works well in a basement or a playroom. Anything like that or for a multi-purpose room, it’s a splendid solution.

Living Spaces

Now let’s go to the next step, living spaces. So that’s kitchens, living rooms, even bedrooms. Now I don’t think that resin or epoxy floors are a great idea for those for many reasons. The main reason is managing long-term maintenance and long-term expectations. People will see a floor in a brochure and it’s nice and glossy and it looks amazing and they’re like “Yeah, I want that floor!” But here’s the thing, after a few months or years, that beautiful looking floor gets some scratches somewhere. It’s inevitable.

Not necessarily a break in the resin floor. If it’s applied properly, it will not break and it will not peel. However, you will always get that wear and tear and it will eventually no longer look glossy. If you have furniture and you’re dragging it around. That might cause minor scratches underneath the legs of the furniture too.

If you have a pet dog or cat and they’re just like running around. That will damage the floor with little scratch marks. If you have kids, well, that will damage the floor too, so definitely keep those things in mind.

Some companies will try to sell you this super topcoat that is anti-scratch but believe me, all of these resin floors over time will show wear and tear that in a factory or a warehouse is perfectly acceptable. It’s fine if you have it in your garage because it looks better than concrete. However, in a living room, people want their living room to look really nice and that is a problem. It’s difficult to just re-coat it in the living room. It’s not like a store where you can shut it down and you can just do a re-coat of the floor and you have a budget for that. People generally want to renovate their house once and that’s it, so keep that in mind.

An important point for contractors for those of you that decide to install resin floors in homes is to make sure your staff and the people you have with you in your team are people that have a certain attention to detail. This process is not like applying a thousand square meters in a warehouse. In a home, you need to pay attention to every insignificant speck of dust. Every little detail, every little bubble or pinhole will be visible in a home and you need to make sure you wipe that place three times before you actually start applying the floor coating. There are a lot of little details you need to pay attention to when you are applying these things in a house. Make sure you understand this.

In-Situ Application

The last point I want to mention is something called in-situ application. This means applying on the spot with resins. The application takes place there and then it is different in the sense that the actual floor is applied on site. They mix on-site and the result of that mixing, application and curing is subject to weather conditions, humidity, cold weather, hot weather, dust. All these little things play a massive role when you are applying resins in a house. All these things will affect the result of the floor.

So keep that in mind. People don’t understand that you might have a perfect-looking flooring surface, but there might still be a little speck of dust trapped somewhere that someone in a factory won’t even pay attention to. However, if it’s in someone’s home, they will pay attention. So make sure you account for all these issues when you are applying resins in homes or if you do this for your own house. Make sure you consider these points. It’s not as easy as people sometimes make it sound!

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