Review of the Incredible Urban Veda Ayurvedic – Inspired Skincare

Recently the wonderful people at Urban Veda sent me their Soothing Body Rituals Collection to try out and tell you what I think. Before choosing this gift set, I completed their what’s your dosha? – skin analysis questionnaire to see which one was best suited to my requirements. Their different Urban Veda ranges use a bespoke selection of natural ingredients designed to suit different skin types which in the principles of Ayurveda are associated with ‘doshas’. This is the Ayurvedic term to describe the physical and emotional tendencies in our own mind and body.

My result was Pitta (which was actually surprisingly accurate) so I selected the Soothing Body Rituals Collection. According to their dosha test, people who are Pitta are typically charismatic, intelligent and ambitious, but because their ruling element is fire this can lead to an excess of heat and irritability – that then manifests itself in the skin as well as in emotional temperament. Pitta skin is prone to rashes, rosacea and blemishes, and tends to be fair and sensitive. In order to balance all of this out I should avoid emotional stress and look for gentle, anti-inflammatory ingredients like chamomile, lime and coriander that will hopefully in turn relax the constitution.

On top of all of this they smell absolutely divine, It really is an incredibly uplifting mixture of scents. The combination is sweet and balmy, as sandalwood’s soothing properties are renowned for moisturising very dry skin. According to Urban Veda, Sandalwood is an all-round balanced spice that helps to engender calm, and I quite agree. I’ll certainly be forwarding the questionnaire over to my girlfriends so that we can all find out what our dosha is and shop accordingly, looking towards Christmas I think this set would make a fab stocking filler.

What’s really very special about this company though is that they are committed to promoting biodiversity and sourcing natural, fresh and pure ingredients. Fantastically their products are certified vegetarian with the vegetarian society and they never include nasties like parabens, artificial colours, GM ingredients or sodium lauryl sulphate. They use forest sustainability certified outer packaging and PCR recycled plastic bottles too. But my favourite part of their ethos? They never test on animals! Finally, quality products without the cruelty.


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