REMINDER – UK Socket Covers Are Incredibly Dangerous

I’m sure by now that lots and lots of you are aware about the dangers of using plastic socket covers over UK power outlets. But for any newbie parents out there or anybody that happened to miss the memo, I’d like to reiterate how unsafe and unnecessary they are within your home.

You see, The problem with socket covers is that they have three lovely prongs and if you turn one upside down and poke it into the top hole, the bottom ones are live. Therefore it’s more dangerous with a socket cover as it effectively makes the socket live. All your child has to do is put their finger in a bottom pin and there’s real problems. Without the cover, the child is far less likely to harm themselves.

Please see this alert from the NHS requiring all NHS Trusts to withdraw socket covers from use:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.05.25

It says: “This Alert is issued to highlight how, in certain circumstances, the use of plastic 13A (13 amp) electrical socket inserts (sold as safety accessories) can overcome the safety features designed into socket outlets.13A electrical socket inserts should not be used in health or social care premises, nor supplied for use in a home or residence. Any socket inserts currently in use should be withdrawn from use and responsibly disposed of.”

So, remember, the live and neutral cannot open unless the earth pin is fully inserted. It is virtually impossible for a child’s fingers to touch anything dangerous unless they have a handy socket cover which can be inserted upside down!



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