Organising an Awesome Family Christmas Part 6


To-Do Jobs Around the Home

  • From the master bathroom to the small half-bath off the hall, this is the week to focus on the household’s bathrooms. Clear away clutter in each bathroom, deep-clean fixtures, floors and walls. Organise personal care storage and prepare for entertaining guests.
  • Clean out the linen closet. Return misplaced items to their homes, then organise bedding, blankets and towels.

Christmas Prep Checklist

    • Christmas linen check. As you sort the linen closet, make a quick linen inventory. If you need sheets, towels, or blankets, it’s time to buy them.
    • Start stockpiling bathroom basics. Before the season begins, stock bathrooms with ample supplies to ward off embarrassment.
    • Buy, wrap and package overseas gifts for mailing. Mailing deadlines mean that overseas gifts should be bought, wrapped and packaged for mailing this week.
    • Continue working on Christmas cards.
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