How to Use Hairspray to Remove Stains

How to Use Hairspray to Remove Stains

Did you know that hairspray can be a cheap and versatile household cleaning product? The fact is that yes, actual cleaning products will also do the trick, but sometimes you’ve got to use what you’ve got on hand. We did some checking around and it looks like alcohol-based hair spray is key, and the hairspray trick works better on polyester blends. I don’t think it works the way it used to because hairsprays don’t use as much alcohol anymore. If you’re going to try these tricks, buy the cheapest off brand you can find. They usually have a higher alcohol content. This is not the time to use your expensive stuff. Save that for your hair. Instead, the less ingredients contained in the product and the harsher the stuff, the better it will typically work for these unusual uses.

Here’s how to use it to clean up your everyday mess:

Wine stains

If you spilled red wine on your clothes, spray the stain liberally with any brand of hairspray. Leave for a few minutes and then wash with biological detergent at as high a temperature as the garment allows. The stain should come right out!

When your clothes are all static-y

Reduce that annoying static cling when wearing synthetic fabrics by spraying with a fine mist of hairspray.

Ink stains

Permanent marker on your surfaces? Spraying hairspray on the stain seems to make it fizz and dissolve the ink, which can then be blotted up with paper towel. We also found that it worked well to remove biro from clothes, as long as it is followed with a wash in biological detergent.

To remove nail varnish

No one likes the look of chipped polish. So when you don’t have any remover, but need to remove it, spray with hairspray and wipe away with a cotton pad.

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