How to Maintain a Clean Home with a Dog

You likely view your pet dog as another member of your family. However, as much as you might love your canine companion, he or she might make a considerable amount of mess in the home each day if you allow them to.

Thankfully, it is possible to care for a pet while creating a clean, healthy environment. Find out how to maintain a clean home with a dog.

Schedule Regular Dog Grooming Treatments

It is common for dogs to accumulate much dirt and debris on their fur each day. What’s more, they might have long nails that can scratch your flooring or rip your furniture, which could destroy your home’s interior.

To maintain a clean home and improve your pet’s health and happiness, you should schedule regular dog grooming treatments for your canine companion. Many groomers provide a wide variety of treatment options for you to choose from, such as full grooming and puppy pamper sessions.

Buy a Durable Sofa

If your pet pooch regularly likes to sit on your sofa, it might be time to upgrade your furniture. Unfortunately, the wrong sofa material can attract a considerable amount of fur, odours and stains, creating an unpleasant environment for both you and your guests.

To maintain a clean, stylish interior, you should invest in a sofa made from either leather or tightly woven materials, as they are incredibly durable. If possible, select a shade similar to your pet to hide any unwanted fur.

Upgrade Your Vacuum Cleaner

Does your current vacuum cleaner fail to remove troublesome fur from your carpet effectively? If so, you should upgrade your vacuum to ensure it features powerful suction, a brush action, and a high-quality filter.

If your dog regularly sits on your sofa, invest in a vacuum that can effectively clean upholstery, too. Also, if your canine sheds a lot of fur, you may need to vacuum every day to eliminate hair and odours from your home. It’s a small price to pay for the love of your pet pooch.

Regularly Clean Your Pet’s Belongings

Many odours and germs can linger on your dog’s toys and bed, which is why you must routinely clean them. If an item isn’t machine washable, you should wash it by hand in your sink. It would help if you then left their belongings in the sun to dry naturally, as the fresh air can help kill unpleasant smells.

Flea Prevention

No pet owner wants to discover fleas inside the home. To keep those pesky bugs at bay and improve your dog’s health, you must embark on regular:

  • Flea sprayings
  • Flea combings
  • Flea baths

The preventative steps can control the potential issue. You should also regularly change his or her flea collar and schedule flea reminders on your smartphone to ensure you never miss an important task.

If you follow the above steps, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy a beautiful, clean home while caring for a pet pooch.

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