How to Improve the Lifespan of Your Sneakers

Sneakers are essential to most people’s wardrobes, whether you rely on them for hitting the gym or your go-to shoes for wearing out and about. Sneakers are also something where we spend quite a lot of money to get the best performance, style and comfort, as well as the brands we like best, and so ideally, we want them to stay looking their best for a long time. Of course, they are also shoes that get worn to death and can quickly start to look jaded or smell less than superb!

Here are some tips for making your new sneakers last for as long as possible while looking their best.

Wear Them for Their Intended Purpose

If you have some sneakers that you bought specifically to go running in, then don’t wear these as your regular casual shoes too. Running shoes have a shelf life in terms of how many hours or miles they are supposed to be suitable for when you are running before they need to be replaced. After that, they no longer offer the same support and protection you need. You don’t want to ‘use up’ your high-performance sports sneakers by wearing them to work or when you’re out shopping.

Equally, if you have some designer sneakers you bought as fashionable shoes to wear to look good in, you don’t want to be wearing these out walking in the mud! Yes, this means buying more pairs, but it will ensure that the sneakers you own stay their best for longer.

Use a Good Deodoriser

Please don’t wait for sneakers to smell bad before using an odour-eliminating product. Spraying a deodoriser inside your shoes every time you wear them can also help stop odours from developing in the first place. It would be best if you also considered using a foot deodorant on your feet under your socks to help keep your shoes fresh.

Clean the Exterior Gently

If you get dirt or mud on them, don’t put them in the washing machine, as this will significantly shorten their lifespan. You should only do this with sneakers reaching the end of their life to get a last bit of time out of them! Instead, clean dirt from the outside of the sneakers carefully and gently with a damp cloth and some detergent if needed.

Treat your sneakers well, and don’t use the wrong sneakers for a lousy job, and you should find that you can get a good, long life out of every pair!

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