Here’s What to Do in THAT Week Between Christmas and New Year

Here’s What to Do in THAT Week Between Christmas and New Year

With the busyness of Christmas over for another year – and a week to go before the fun of New Year’s Eve – chances are that you may all be starting to get a bit bored. You’ve spent the past few days eating your weight in chocolate. You don’t know what the day is, and you’ve seen more of your wretched family than you ever dreaded. This is a period where you can’t be day drunk like on Christmas. The week between Christmas and New Year is a nice but boring week where you try and fail to be healthier and end up (if you’re not working) glued to the TV.

So, here are some ways to keep the family busy during the time between Christmas and New Year.

Find a new museum

Going to visit a museum or gallery can be a great day out for families and is often free (just dodge the gift shop).

Have a treasure hunt

You can have fun coming up with clues and hiding them around the house and garden. Making sure you have ‘treasure’ at the end of the hunt to keep them focused.

Go ice skating

There’s nothing like fresh air and exercise to stop your kids feeling at a loose end. Why not find your nearest ice rink and take them for a session of festive ice skating.

Festive playdates

Don’t assume all your friends are away. Many will be at home, reluctant to call or text for fear of interrupting family time. The kids will be delighted to see their mates, and you’ll have other parents to chat to as your little ones screech around the house at full pelt.

Make a family movie

Making an online video to share with friends and family can be so much fun in the week between Christmas and New Year. Young children may need some help to come up with a storyline, but older kids will relish coming up with a script and creating something amazing with their new toys. Once everyone’s in position, you can record it on your phone and upload it to a video-sharing site like YouTube. If you want to keep it just for family and friends, take care the settings are fixed for privacy.

Arts & crafts

Don’t throw away (all) the wrapping paper or empty boxes. Instead, get cutting and pasting. Put plenty of newspaper down and let them create! It’ll limit the time they spend glued to the TV, tablets or consoles, too.

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