Christmas Trees & Road Safety Checks for Your Car

Christmas Trees & Road Safety Checks for Your Car

Transporting a Christmas Tree Safely

Many of our readers over the next couple of weeks will be making their way to visit family this holiday season. It’s also during this time that many of us transport Christmas trees. Now, I’ll admit, It’s only very recently that I’ve learned of all the problems this can cause on the roads. Improper Christmas tree transportation increases the risk of serious vehicle damage and dangerous road debris. Vehicle damage that results from this can really can cost drivers considerably in repairs. In addition to potential car damage, Christmas trees that are not properly secured are a safety hazard for other drivers.

So if you’re going hunting for the perfect Christmas tree this weekend it’s important that you remember to bring a few key items in preparation. Before leaving the house, bring a pair of gloves to protect your hands for loading and unloading your tree; something to protect your car; a bungee cord, rope, or strong straps to secure your tree to the roof of your car; and something to measure with. To ensure that the tree will fit both inside of your house and on top of your car! Christmas tree sellers deal with buyers and their vehicles daily during this time of year, so they will more than likely know the safest way to transport your Christmas tree. Listen to them!

Traveling at Christmas Time

Now, for those of you who are traveling at this time of year. Remember that Christmas day falls on a Monday, meaning there’s a long weekend of celebrating to be done before we can open our presents. There are 37.5 million cars on our roads according to the DVLA, so there is bound to be some traffic if everybody decides to start their journey after work on Friday this year. Think ahead and plan multiple alternative routes to your destination.

If you find yourself driving in icy and snowy conditions try not to turn everything on at once because it all puts a heavy load on the battery, especially if you’re making short trips. Just be sensible with what you need. Keep your washer bottle topped up with screen-wash too, and make sure your wiper blades are ok, check that your wipers aren’t frozen to the screen before you depart!

Healthy Tyres

It’s super important at this time of year that you check the health of your tyres. It’s currently not a legal requirement in the UK to fit winter tyres. However, they do offer an incredible difference in grip and safety on the road, over summer rubber in icy conditions. If you’re sticking with standard rubber, make sure the tyres have got plenty of tread and are pumped up to the correct pressure. There can be problems while driving on the wet and snowy roads, worn out tyres are a hazard and can pose risk to both driver and passenger’s safety.
Roads are already dangerous and with wrong tyres, blowouts, breakdowns and other unpleasant occurrences can arise. In order to be safe, you should get your tyres for London and other areas only from reliable places like DAT Tyres site.

Another useful tip, If you’re ever having trouble getting going without wheel spinning. Try starting your car in second gear instead of first. And please don’t stop on hills unless you really have to. If you’re driving downhill, use a low gear and avoid braking harshly. If you start to skid, release the brakes and turn into the slide (if the rear is skidding left, gently steer left).


At this time of year, it’s always smart to keep a Winter bag in your car. In this bag you should keep water, blankets, ice-scraper, packaged, non-perishable foods, folding shovel, tow rope and a pair of thick socks. Always make sure your phone’s completely charged before driving anywhere. Lastly, please never drive tired. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents reckons that 20% of road accidents might be caused by driver tiredness. So before you set off, make sure you’re rested up.

There you have it folks, our mini-guide to staying safe on the roads this Winter. Whether you’re transporting a Christmas tree, visiting relatives or both, we wish you a very happy (and safe) Christmas!

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