Can I Take My Self Build Campervan Abroad?

Can I Take My Self Build Campervan Abroad?

It is good to plan for a trip with your campervan across the border to add more fun to road trips. This move can help you save money and enjoy a fantastic moment with lots of freedom.

The article provides some tips to go abroad with your campervan and what you need to know.

What You Need To Have Before Going Abroad

The following are the necessary items you require before starting your journey;

  • Visa or Pass for your destination
  • Check whether the campervan has the necessary information and store it inside the van
  • Insurance policy; check whether it applies to your destination country or if you need to make an extra payment
  • Warning triangles
  • Driving license and passport
  • Headlight converters
  • Reflector jackets

Tips to Make Touring Abroad Smooth and Enjoyable

  • Choose your destination country in Europe
  • Book your ferry or Eurotunnel
  • Get a holiday insurance

a) Taking the Eurotunnel

When taking the Eurotunnel, you will be allocated a space in one of the single deck carriage. The charges here are twice as high as the double-deck carriage. They also have wider entrances making them easy to manoeuvre.

All car types are charged the same despite the make or size. During the trip, you are supposed to stay with your vehicle and keep the engine switched off. The Eurotunnel offers the quickest way across the border in a campervan, and it takes a minimum of 35 minutes.

b) Taking the Ferry

There are several ferry options to take with the self-built campervan. The different ferries have varying onboard facilities and journey times that range from 90 minutes to 11 hours. To choose the correct crossings to take, know;

  1. a) What is your final destination?
  2. b) What is your departure point?
  3. c) Whether the journey is part of the adventure or a time delaying inconvenience
  4. d) What is the size of the van; including extra fittings such as bike racks

Note that when at the ferry or Eurotunnel port:

  • Keep your reference number handy since you will need to show it to the staff at the crossing point.
  • Follow the signals of the ferry operator- they will guide you on which lane to queue in
  • In case you book with the Eurotunnel directly, use the self-check-in-lane.

Are Pets Allowed?

When bringing along a pet with you, it is crucial to acquire all the necessary documentation. These documentations include vaccination schedules and microchips. When using both the ferry and Eurotunnel, you will have to stay with the pet in your car, but you will have to pay an extra fee for your pet.

Things to Note before Arriving at the Campsite

  • Plan your arrival to fall either before or after lunch hour. Most receptions close over the lunch period
  • Pack suitable swimming costumes. Some sites do not offer swimming costumes
  • Carry extra toilet rolls

After your arrival at the campsite ensure that:

  • You have some cash on you since some may not accept cards
  • You park at the designated parking points
  • You check on times when traffic movement is allowed. Some may have tight restrictions on times when cars can move. It will help reduce any inconvenience, especially when you need to leave early.

Self Build Campervan Insurance Policy

When going abroad, your self-built campervan must be covered. It would be best to consider if the cover applies to the country of destination. Some of the insurance companies will ask you to pay an extra fee when going abroad. offers you a great chance to select a good insurance company for your campervan when planning a trip abroad. Please fill out the forms on their website and wait to receive quotes from different insurance companies.

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