The Best IKEA Products For When You’re Just Starting Out

The Best IKEA Products For When You’re Just Starting Out

Your first place is a pretty big personal step that’s exciting, exhilarating, and terrifying. If you’ve already found your new place, and scheduled a date for the move in, you probably have an inkling of how it feels. While it gives you a space to make your own, do whatever you want, and a place to invite friends to chill, sometimes we all forget a few things we need to survive or want to make a bland space a little more like home.

IKEA products have come to my rescue plenty of times over the years. Here are the most starter friendly IKEA products out there to know about:

SCHOTTIS shades are an easy and cheap way to get your windows covered fast. They’re great for privacy when you’ve just moved into a new place. Because they attach with an adhesive strip, you don’t have to drill into the wall. You can cut them to size too.

The GARNES mirror hooks over any door and can be taken to your next apartment. There is also a shorter version with hooks. So again, no drilling required.

I have to say the most invaluable product for our family has been the ANTONIUS racks and wire baskets. We use them as closet organizers, walk-in pantry organizers and temporary dressers when living in a tiny apartment between houses.

RUNNEN floor decking offers an affordable and no-skills-required option for enhancing outdoor space in a non-permanent way. The plastic tiles snap together to fit your space. We just installed RUNNEN on part of our outdoor patio and our handyman sealed it in with concrete/painted it to match. It looks fantastic. We bought the plastic ones because I read all about the wood ones needing extra care/looking bad after a season/staining the underside of the patio. Couldn’t be happier.

Don’t think you can’t have an organized hallway if you can’t nail hooks into the wall. IKEA has several standing coat racks. Here’s one of our favourites.

The STUGVIK series provides fantastic storage opportunities in a bathroom. If you have a pedestal sink (especially with exposed plumbing) you probably don’t have any built in undersink storage. Try two RAGRUND sink shelves pushed together to fit around your plumbing. If you have space for a chair, the RAGRUND chair’s high back serves as a towel rack.

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