3 Reasons to Visit London’s Mayfair District

Heading to the capital anytime soon? Well, who could blame you? After all, it’s one of the most vibrant cities in the world – all its districts brim with warmth, life and their own distinct charm. If you seek a truly London experience, why not stay in Mayfair? The area boasts beauty, famous residents (both past and present) and a wealth of other perks.

Let’s explore three reasons for visiting the district.

1. Luxury lodgings

Let’s face it; it’s often tricky to find decent accommodation anywhere, let alone in London – unless, of course, you’re staying in Mayfair. Lodgings here aren’t just acceptable; they can guarantee the highest standard of quality. Built into a historical building, a typical Mayfair serviced apartment is thoroughly modern and pristine on the inside, offering premium facilities.

Likewise, hotels in the district are designed with just one focus in mind: guests. Even better, if you’re staying in Mayfair lodgings, you’ll be close to the city’s main attractions, allowing you to enjoy stress-free travel during your trip.

2. Plenty of green spaces

Who said that London isn’t green? Mayfair is situated right next to two huge parks; to the west of the area, there’s Hyde Park, while to the South lies Green Park. Each royal space is known worldwide for its iconic floral displays, pleasant walkways and calm atmosphere. So, if you’re an avid reader, you could easily spend an afternoon in either getting lost in a book.

Or if you’re visiting London with friends or family, why don’t you use one as a spot for a game of rounders or frisbee? While both parks provide plenty of space for running around, Hyde Park can be especially good fun for kids, as it’s home to the legendary children’s play area, the Princess Diana Memorial Gardens.

3. Village vibes

Very few areas of the capital guarantee a village feel – but Mayfair is the exception. Though the star-studded Mews streets may be out of your price range, a trip to the Shepherd Market, with its strong community vibes, can be entirely free.

Its array of boutique stores, eateries and pubs mean that you’re bound to find something in the 18th-century street to suit your tastes. Here, you won’t just sample the London of today – you can gain insight into how life used with a visit to one of its historical pubs.

If you’re looking for maximum luxury during your stay in London, Mayfair could be the perfect place for you. What’s to stop you from having the trip of a lifetime?

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