You Know You’re Officially an Autumn Girl When…



You take pumpkin picking very seriously and you won’t settle for a not-so-perfect pumpkin.


The same goes for apple picking.


Fuzzy socks are essential in your wardrobe during autumn.


You think there’s nothing better than enjoying hot chocolate at night.


You’ve shared a picture of a tree once it has changed colors.


Once it hits a certain temperature outside, you bring out your Autumn Yankee Candle selection.


Your wardrobe consists mostly of flannel shirts.


You adore bonfires.


And s’mores.


You have a detailed itinerary for Black Friday shopping.


Once the temperature even dips, you break out all of your infinity scarves.


Apple cider becomes a staple in your diet in October.


You’ve coordinated schedules so you and your friends could carve pumpkins together.


You refer to this weather as “sweater weather.”


You couldn’t wait for summer to be over so you could wear your sweaters again. You have so many sweaters, that you shouldn’t buy any more ever again.


You would much rather wear boots than sandals.


You wear leggings almost every day and they’re almost all the same.


You own Ugg boots in multiple colours and you wear them with leggings with pride.


The day that Starbucks brings out their pumpkin spice latte is the best day of the year.


You’ve Instagrammed or Snapchatted your Starbucks order.


You plan out your Halloween costume months in advance.



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