Turns out Most of us Need the Internet to Function…

We need the internet to function – 83% of Brits reveal they turn to the internet for everyday tasks

  • 73% of respondents find it easier to approach their crushes online. For Londoners, that number rises to 88%
  • 1 in 4 (23%) use the net to work out how to fit in with locals abroad
  • 40% say they use Google to blag through work conversations, with over half of this number doing it at least once a week!

From solving personal problems to getting career guidance, our reliance on the internet continues to grow. According to a new survey released by Carphone Warehouse, using a nationally representative sample, it was revealed whilst women are most likely to be looking for health and wellbeing advice (56%), men are most likely to be looking for help with their personal finances (49%). Whilst nearly half of all respondents go online for meal inspiration (45%).

When it comes to Londoners, they don’t have as much certainty as people think! Londoners are actually worriers – and look for advice a lot

Are you between the ages of 25-34 and living in London? Survey data says you’re turning to Google for help more than any other group anywhere else in the UK:

  • 1 in 4 (25%) Londoners look for help finding friends online. Contrast that with 2% in the east/East Anglia, 2% in the north west and 4% in the south west.
  • 83% of Londoners self-diagnose their illnesses, compared with 55% in Scotland, 48% in the East Midlands, 43% in Yorkshire and the Humber, 42% in the south east and 40% in the north east.
  • 67% of Londoners have turned to online dating, as opposed to 25% in the north east, 20% in the north west, 19% in Scotland, 19% in Yorkshire and the Humber and 16% in the east/East Anglia.
  • In fact, Londoners look for dating advice, as well as makeup tips, far more than any other region in England and Wales.

However, Londoners are also less keen on DIY (with only 37% checking out how-to videos) than any other part of the UK.

Men are more sensitive than we might assume

We’re conditioned to think of men as hardy souls with nary a worry in the world. Not quite true, according to the study survey 81% of men say they find it far easier to approach potential paramours online as opposed to in person. Women are less afflicted by this particular social anxiety, with only 60% saying they’d prefer to initiate contact online.

  • Marginally more men consult the web for friendship advice than women (27% vs 25%).
  • Almost a third of men (30%) have looked for help with one of the following topics: “how to be cool”; “how to be popular”; “how to make friends”; “do I have the right friends”; “do I have enough friends”. Only 11% of women say they have sought reassurance for the same questions.
  • Only 5% of all respondents use the internet to work out whether or not a partner will propose. Interestingly, 75% of those checking are men.

The survey findings also highlight just how much Brits rely on the internet to self-diagnose our ailments online! While doctors don’t have to worry about their profession being under threat just yet, the internet has given rise to self-diagnosis:

  • 60% of respondents say they look up ailments online, most commonly at the first sign there’s something wrong.
  • 63% feel relieved after being able to diagnose the problem.
  • 17% fall into a state of panic at diagnosing the problem, while 20% say it neither panics, nor relieves them

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