True Crime Bedtime – The Story of Winsie Hau

True Crime Bedtime – The Story of Winsie Hau

Do you like True Crime? Well, if you do, you’re in the right place!

Every Friday they’ll be a brand new True Crime Bedtime episode for you to watch on YouTube.

This week’s True Crime Bedtime episode is about The Story of Winsie Hau; you can watch below:

On top of that, you can also win a Quicke’s Ultimate Cheese Box by watching the video and entering via the rafflecopter at the bottom of the page.

Quicke's Ultimate Cheese Box

This hamper is brimming with every cheese in the Quicke’s range. So gather friends and family for an evening of discovery and deliciousness.

Quicke’s Buttery Clothbound Cheddar 200g

An intensely buttery cheddar with a subtle, clean aroma, full of the smooth richness of their Devonshire milk. Enjoy with fresh English apple juice, a fruity chardonnay or a fine vintage port. Typically aged three months.

Quicke’s Mature Clothbound Cheddar 200g

A rich and buttery cheddar with outstanding depth of flavour which develops as it reaches the back of the palate. Brothy to grassy caramel notes. Superb with English stout, pale ale, a robust cabernet sauvignon or strong-flavoured salad. Typically aged 12-15 months.

Quicke’s Extra Mature Clothbound Cheddar 200g

A wonderfully rich, rounded cheddar with a deep, complex balance of flavours – from brothy to buttery to fresh-cut grass. A classic companion to cabernet sauvignon or dry cider; brings richness to souffle or pesto. Typically aged 18 months.

Quicke’s Vintage Clothbound Cheddar 200g

The oldest in their range, this is a rich, intense cheese with a delightfully crumbly texture and a considerable depth of flavour – from umami to buttery to salted caramel. Splendid with chardonnay or cabernet sauvignon; adds personality to pesto. Typically aged 24 months.

Quicke’s Oak Smoked Clothbound Cheddar 200g

Hand-selected from their most balanced mature cheddar, this cheese is smoked using oak chips from trees grown on the Quicke’s estate for a sensuously smoky, buttery flavour. Partners perfectly with a pinot noir or pale ale. Adds richness to rocket salad. Typically matured 9-12 months.

Quicke’s Double Devonshire Clothbound Cheese (V) 200g

Their unique take on a traditional Double Gloucester. Elegantly mellow with a buttery, long-lasting taste. It brings richness to Reisling; adds character to cheeseboards. Typically matured 3-6 months.

Quicke’s Devonshire Red Clothbound Cheese (V) 200g

This vibrant, full-flavoured cheese is their distinctive take on a classic Red Leicester, with a crumbly texture, fresh, nutty flavours and a lemony creaminess. Rewarding with riesling or rioja, superb with savoury scones or shepherd’s pie. Typically matured for six months.

Elderflower Clothbound Cheese (V) 200g

A fresh creamy clothbound cheese with a flicker of real elderflower. Delicately scented, rich and buttery with aromatic floral notes. Partners perfectly with a pinot grigio or chardonnay, superb with charcuterie and pickles. Typically matured for six months.

Goat’s Milk Clothbound Cheese (V) 200g

Rich, almondy, buttery: a delightfully different hard goat’s milk cheese. Perfect with perry, pale ale or stout and adds depth to salads and risotto. Typically matured for six months.

Oak Smoked Goat’s Milk Cheese (V)  200g

Cold smoked using oak chips from trees on their estate for a subtle smokey flavour with a nutty sweetness. Partners superbly with perry of stout; adds character to canapés and crackers. Typically matured for six months.

Perfect for curd nerds everywhere, this box also contains tasting notes and a flavour profile wheel to help identify the unique Quicke’s flavours and aromas.

We’re super excited to be able to offer our readers the chance to win a Quicke’s Ultimate Cheese Box of their very own. For your chance to win, just enter via the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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