Things You’ll Only Understand If You Went To Boarding School



Sport was a compulsory part of your weekly routine, which was great if you liked nothing more than running around with a hockey stick. But if you lacked hand-eye coordination? Nope.

Your matron’s office was a literal sea of tampons, lockets, Cadbury chocolate bars and stationery.

You spent your whole school career looking forward to being in sixth form, because it meant you got to stay out later, wear a slightly-better uniform and have more perks within the house.

Not getting on with someone in your house was the worst, because you had to see them 24/7 and inevitably hang out together too.

Having absolutely zero plans on a weekend was so depressing, because it was essentially like spending a day at school without your friends.

Your whole life was planned out for you, and some days were scheduled for up to10 hours a day. Breakfast until 8am. Lessons for 50 minutes. Lunch at 12.55pm etc

You had to be super crafty about dating because everybody knew everyone’s business and you were limited to a small amount of space.

People in your adult life who didn’t go to boarding school are absolutely fascinated by it, but not until they’ve asked you a tonne of ill-informed questions, like whether or not you’re a lesbian.

Getting the go-ahead to go out on the weekends was a pain in the ass, way more effort than it was worth.

Time has never moved slower than within ‘prep time’. Nothing more frustrating than every social media site being blocked and forced study for two hours.

Not having Saturday school was a novelty long into your adult life. You didn’t quite realise how good it was to have a two-day weekend until your school days were so over.

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