So What’s All The Fuss About Magnetic Eyelashes?

October 23, 2019 2 comments

I’m excited to be featuring something we’ve been testing out for the last few weeks here at Vivre Le Rêve, magnetic eyelashes! These lashes are made of high quality synthetic fiber, so they’re ultra-thin and comfortable. Plus they’re soft and natural like real eyelashes.

Personally, I’ve never really gotten along with adhesive eyelashes, the thought of accidentally gluing my eyes shut or managing to rip out my own natural lashes when it came to removing them freaked me out way too much! So the fact that these are glue free makes them ideal, if you’re a bit of a scaredy cat like me.

There are three miniature magnets on each pair of lashes. The upper and lower double magnets clamp the roots of your natural eyelashes, and holds them securely. They’re also waterproof! The dual magnet design makes sure that they stay put all day.

With this set you get 2 pairs (8pcs) of lashes. For a more natural look, you can use your own eyelash curler to curl them with your lashes. Just like regular adhesive eyelashes, it takes a few times to really get the hang of putting them on. But once you get it, it’s so easy! You’ve just gotta get your technique down. I wear them all the time, because they’re reusable and they stay on! I always start with a light layer of mascara first. The best thing is if you do make a mistake you can easily just take them off and move them!

You can buy these here. We’re super excited to be able to offer our readers the chance to win 2 pairs of these fantastic magnetic lashes. For your chance to win, just enter via the rafflecopter below. We have 4 sets to giveaway, Good luck!

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