Organising an Awesome Family Christmas Part 17


To-Do Jobs Around the Home

Minimum maintenance. Encourage family members to pitch in and share the work. Delegate, delegate, delegate!

Christmas Prep Checklist

  • Recycle wrapping paper. 
  • Write family thank-you notes.
  • Plan low-cost, no-cost activities for kids. Whether it’s camping out under the Christmas tree or a drive to see holiday lights, some mid-week events will keep sparkle in the season.
  • Decorate for New Year’s.
  • Make New Year’s resolutions. 
  • Set up a calendar for the new year. 
  • Take down remaining decorations. All good things have to end–and the visible Ghost of Christmas Past can be a real disincentive to an organised new year. Take down remaining holiday decor next week. You’ll see it again, next season!
  • Take down fresh trees and greens, and deliver them to recycling.
  • Store holiday decorations. 
  • Set up a ‘lost Christmas box’ for stragglers. No matter how you scour the house, a few holiday items will always hide out in laundry, kitchen or corners. Give them a place to go with a holiday box: a designated container for any last holiday items you find. In a few weeks, take the box to the storage area for next year.
  • Hold a Christmas debriefing. Get a head-start on next year’s planning–and avoid traps–with a quick debriefing session. High points or low, they’ll guide you next year.
  • Mark your calendar for next year!
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