Now That it’s Jupiter’s Turn to be in Retrograde – Here’s What it Means For You


I’ll admit when Mercury was in retrograde in 2016 it was nice to have an explanation for some of the upside things that were going on in the world. So what does retrograde mean then? It’s actually when a planet appears to stop spinning and move backwards and now it’s Jupiter’s turn to retrograde too. Unlike Mercury, Jupiter’s retrograde lasts a really long time (around 120 days) and it brings about with it a chance for reflection, according to astrology.

Jupiter is known for expansion, growth and opportunity and during its retrograde gives us the chance to slow down and consider how we are making the most of these in our own lives. While Jupiter is retrograde, we’ll spend much time looking inward and relying on our own personal wisdom. We’ll draw on this to explore the growth and changes we feel we need to transform our lives and put us on the path toward becoming the people we really want to be.

It’s said that during the Jupiter retrograde it is the perfect time for spiritual growth and setting personal goals. It is also the time when we are most likely to be able to reflect objectively on decisions we have made and paths we are taking, giving us the opportunity to shift our position if necessary. On that note, it’s worth bearing in mind that Mercury goes into retrograde in April, so you might want to enjoy this time while you still can.

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