Is it Acceptable to be Half Naked in Public Places Because it’s Hot?

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Yes, it’s hot and such but isn’t this just such male privilege? If a woman walked around topless because it’s so hot, she’d most likely be body shamed and cat called. And yet men can go around comfy while we suffer. The injustice!!

Honestly, the only place anyone should be topless is the beach or the bedroom. I have no desire to see half naked sweaty people as i go about my day. Fine in the right places, but for me at least it has a spectacularly gross quality when I see it on the high street. I would even silently judge Channing Tatum if he decided to wander round a supermarket without a shirt, and that’s saying something. Yes, yes indeed keep the upper body nudity to the park, the beach or your own home. I do not want to be looking at your nipples when I’m selecting a pepperoni pizza.

I feel it’s worth noting that men in actual hot countries don’t feel the need to do this. I don’t want to see people’s flesh unless I’m at a suitable destination, and the supermarket is not it. It’s always a certain type and yes I do mean that in a snobbish sense. Don’t care. Many restaurants in hot countries insist upon suitably-clothed clientele. It appears to be a peculiarly British fetish, to walk about in public scantily-clad.

I can’t bear this heat, really can’t, I’m allergic to it actually and currently dosed up on antihistamines as I type – yet it wouldn’t occur to me to do shopping or eat somewhere whilst wearing only a bikini top, or the boy to go topless. Even when sitting on a beach, if we go to buy food, we wear a light cover-up to do so. It’s a matter of hygiene, and respect for others. Damnit, there’s a time and a place to be in possession of a normal, mammalian body and that place is not in public, thank you. Hide your shame, please, so I can go on considering everyone I see to be smooth plastic from the neck down. Lest, I might get an attack of the vapours.

My friend today, actually mentioned that for some reason she couldn’t quite put her finger on, the very act came across as aggressive. And I think I get what she’s saying, she felt that men taking their tops off was some kind of aggressive display and an attempt to claim public space. How very primal. She is a bit of a prude, though, as you can probably tell by this snippet of dialogue.

However, I’m such a hypocrite, I did see one man going for a run topless on Monday. I didn’t quite feel the urge to object because he looked like he was ready to go and scythe corn on top of a cliff and I was too busy trying to keep my mouth shut and not gawp too crudely. He looked smug but highly ‘decorative’. On a serious note, seeking to extend oppression to men to make up for ‘unfairness’ to women is obviously not the solution. But what is?

I’m not sure that we, as a society, can easily make rules about nudity which would effectively combat this. Even our laws about indecent exposure require there to be ‘a sexual purpose’ to the nudity in order for it to qualify as a crime. I think this issue would be better addressed by our society becoming less worked up about the display of all bodies, with more realistic body types becoming normalised, less drama and attention paid to the display of skin. Perhaps that would be a better way to take the wind of the sails of the (minority) of men who take their tops off to be aggressive. I think that most men who wander around topless are just doing it because they’re hot, they want a tan, or it’s nice to be naked to be honest. Doesn’t make it any more pleasant though, bluh!

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