IKEA is Launching a Flat Pack Build Your Own Garden Kit


Ikea is about to make your flat pack garden dreams come true thanks to a new project with a Secret Innovation Lab called Space10. Göran Nilsson, IKEA Concept Innovation Manager at Inter IKEA Systems B.V explained on the brand’s website: “We already do a lot to improve the lives of the many people, and with Space10 we hope to take this vision even further. It’s about exploring news ways to enable a better and more sustainable life for the many people”.

One of Space10’s new projects is ‘The Growroom’; a spherical garden that you can build yourself and use to cultivate food for a more sustainable way of living. The Growroom’s potential lies in the accessibility of 3D printing and digital fabrication to the public. Space10 explains on its website: “We’re tapping into this emerging potential by releasing the cutting files for The Growroom. All you then need to build it, is two rubber hammers, 17 sheets of ply wood and a visit your local fab lab or maker space with a CNC milling machine. “

Customisable IKEA flat pack you can use to grow your own food, count us in!

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