Here’s Why Autumn & Winter are Still the Perfect Time for Date Night!

There’s something incredibly romantic about this time of year and Autumn marks the start of a wonderful time for dating. With Office Parties, Christmas, New Years and 2020 fast approaching. Today we’re going to talk about how awesome it is to be starting a new relationship at this time of year and all of the incredible dates you can start planning with your new significant other!

Now is a really great time to give your online dating profile a spruce up. And what I mean by that, is that if you haven’t had much interest in your profile for a while. This is the time of year where lots of single people start their online search for a someone special in time for Christmas, so your odds of finding a match certainly increase. Profile photos are attached to our social media and dating accounts. I believe that most of the decision to contact or respond to someone online is based on their photo so start by updating that to be the best reflection of yourself. Filters in moderation are fine, but please remember not to edit yourself too much, in the world of artificial it’s important to stand out from the crowd by letting your true beauty shine through.

Rent a cabin for the weekend

Every year we love renting a cabin for a romantic weekend getaway. We spend the weekend exploring the cute little town. Most cabin getaway towns have the cutest Christmas decorations! You could even plan to light a fire and snuggle inside your cabin the whole weekend! Don’t forget to take along all kinds of cozy Christmas date night essentials, like a cozy blanket to cuddle together in, your favorite Christmas movies, hot chocolate, Christmas PJs, and some games.

Make a Gingerbread House

It’s that time of year, when you can get away with fun activities like making a gingerbread house together! You both might be a bit of a sugar high from eating all that candy, but no doubt  you’ll finish with a master piece to put on display for all to see.


This is hilarious to do as a couple. Race each other up the hills and thoroughly enjoy playing together outside. Have some laughs and make some new memories together! If you’re looking for someone special to go sledding with, check out Nottinghamshire Dating.

Take creative Christmas photos and make Christmas cards

Taking Christmas photos together is a great tradition to start. It’ll be so nice in the future to be able to look back at all your photos over the years. Make it extra fun by coming up with a creative or funny theme. Then use those photos to create Christmas cards to send your loved ones.

Christmas Lights

Drive around in your pyjamas with hot chocolate in a Thermos to look at Christmas lights! Play Christmas music and get into the spirit of the season. Share your favorite Christmas memories and indulge in a little of the Christmas wonder you had as a child.

Ice Skating Together

Dare each other to try classic ice-skating moves like a turn or a jump and head out for hot chocolate after you’ve fallen over way too many times. Be sure to check if there is a local Groupon to get a deal and if you’re still in search of a significant other check out Nottinghamshire Singles.

Indoor S’mores

One of our favourite date ideas is to keep some s’mores ingredients stashed away for this date night on a whim! If you are in need of some time together, but can never seem to find it, pull out your s’mores stash and grab a non-scented candle to roast your marshmallows over. Share some stories, jokes, or just take the time to enjoy the quiet together after a long day.


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