Hate Matt Lipstick? I Think You’ll Like This One



Unless you’ve been living under a rock during 2016, you’ll have seen that Matt shades are everywhere, it’s been my experience that you either love or hate this trend, there’s no in between.

Now that I’ve found my ‘Holy Grail’ Matt lip product, let me tell you, I am firmly in the love category. One of the main negative traits of a Matt lip, are that they are drying and can feel like you’ve spackled your cake hole. The Balm’s Meet Matt Hughes has none of these adverse effects.

Honestly, I’m actually not much of a lipstick girl, period. I cannot deal with make up that I have to reapply throughout the day. I’m after quality, once a day application and this ticks all of those boxes for when I want to wear lip colour. I wear it in the shade Committed, and it’s the shade I recommend to everyone. It’s the only almost nude shade I’ve found that flatters light/dark skin tones and also makes your teeth appear whiter.



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