Our Favourite Christmas Date Night Ideas

Our Favourite Christmas Date Night Ideas

Our Favourite Christmas Date Night Ideas

A Movie Marathon

One of our favourite Christmas date night ideas, is a Christmas movie marathon. There’s the Christmas movie you love (Elf), the one your date loves (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation), the Christmas movie you have to watch every year because it’s a classic (It’s a Wonderful Life), and the Christmas movie that sort of scarred you both as children (Gremlins). If the weather outside is frightful, watch all of these movies back to back in a winter movie marathon. Don your onesies, and settle down for a night of Christmas magic.

Decorate The Tree

Pour yourself some mulled wine, put on your favourite Christmas music and start hanging ornaments. Whether you’re decorating your tree or a shared tree, you’re certain to have a good time.

Christmas Shopping

Although this may sound like a disaster waiting to happen, shopping with your partner can make the idea of Christmas shopping a lot less stressful. Turn your shopping date into a great opportunity to spend time together. Not sure what to get friends or family? Your partner can help you pick gifts, while giving you an idea of what to buy them too.

Go To A Christmas Market Together

Christmas markets, which originated in Germany, are street markets centered around the celebration of Christmas. There are usually stalls of Christmas ornaments, artisan gifts for sale, hot cider, sausages, live music, and general Christmas cheer. Most major cities have Christmas Markets and any smaller towns will also host variations.

Volunteer Together

Of all the Christmas date night ideas, volunteering is probably not the best choice for first date. But it is a great way to show your partner your socially conscious side. Just make sure that you handle all of the logistics: namely, where to go and when to be there. Your date shouldn’t have to do any of the planning.

Choose A Christmas Tree Together

Going out to pick out a pre-cut Christmas tree can be pretty fun. Make sure to stop for hot chocolate afterwards!

The Boxing Day Date

Head to the shops with your date and figure out how to maximize your Christmas haul. Did you get duplicate Gift Cards? Maybe you can trade or exchange one with your date. Check out the sales, return the ugly sweaters, and rejoice in the fact that the Christmas frenzy is over until next year.

New Year’s Eve

It’s the biggest date night of the year and that makes people, especially inclined to accept date offers. If they don’t already have plans. Check your local listings for fireworks or some other cool event, then, just make sure you’re standing next to each other when the clock strikes midnight!

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