Christmas Crafts – How To Make A Paperback Christmas Tree



This decorative folded paperback tree made from a paperback book is so easy to make, and it’s adorable!

Paperback Book Christmas Tree – You’ll Need:

A paperback book
A craft knife
Dry adhesive
Optional supplies: glitter and glue.


Paperback Book Christmas Tree – Tutorial

Find a paperback book, gently remove the cover. Count out 30 pages of your book and use a craft knife to slice down the spine where you’ve partitioned off your thirty pages.

Repeat the last two steps, you should now have two sets of thirty pages that look like this:


Now take one section of the book and lie it on the table so that the spine is facing left, as shown. Grasp the top right corner and fold it down so that the edge of the corner is touching the spine.

Take the part of the page where the folded edge meets the straight edge. Fold it over so that the part of the page that it already folded from the last step will be flush with the spine. It’s just like folding a paper airplane, either fold the overhanging part of the page up, or cut it off. Continue to do this until all of the pages are folded. Take the other set of thirty pages and flip it so that the spine is on the right. Repeat the last two steps.


If you want a sparkly one, hold the book page with the folded part towards you and brush glue along the edges. Then dip the edges into glitter and shake off the excess. When you use the glitter, you’ll have to gently separate the page edges afterwards so that the glue doesn’t stick the pages together.

Now, lay the folded pages down and apply dry adhesive liberally to the front and last page. Press the two edges of each set together, lining up the edges. Open the pages and curl around until you can do the same both sides. It’s time to sit it up and let dry, occasionally you might need to add some glue to the very top of the tree, along the inside edge to keep it from coming open but if you use enough dry adhesive that shouldn’t be a problem.




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