What Does Being Romantic Mean To You?

What being romantic means to you

What Does Being Romantic Mean To You?

When you think of romance, what does it make you think of? Recently, I’ve been surprised to find it means very different things to different people. Does it make you think of candlelit dinners, roses, a love letter, or something totally different? What is the first thing that pops into your head?

To me romance is relationship maintenance. Romance means massages, holding hands, kissing, lots of affection, candle lit dinners, the exchange of gifts for absolutely no reason other than because you love that person. It means lingerie and long stem roses, It’s that Oh là là. Most importantly it’s telling them how much you love them and what you love about them whilst snuggling in bed. Romance, ultimately, is a feeling of deep attachment and affection that goes beyond all known human bonds. It’s two people sharing one thought in both body and mind mixing their hearts and sharing their souls. The core principal is ‘unexpectedness kindness’. Now, guys out there reading this – It can be the smallest things, but it pays to switch them up a bit, so that they always surprise. You can even make warming her car & scraping the windshield on a cold, winter day romantic!

I believe it to be the heartbeat of a relationship. It does not require extra effort, a special location, or a special activity

I find it is best experienced when it comes naturally, without special consideration, in the everyday, ordinary activities required in life. There can be more chances to experience romance if mundane activities are viewed as being romantic opportunities, rather than the occasional, planned, appointed expressions of love and affection.

Cutting the grass, bringing someone a glass of water, cooking dinner, sitting doing nothing, a certain look or touch can all be romantic experiences in and of themselves merely because of the deep attachment, affection, and connection each person feels for one another. Just being with someone that you share trust, honestly, loyalty, commitment, thoughts, dreams and goals with can be extremely romantic. I think that if people were more tuned into it, daily life could be much more romantic than most people allow it to be.

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